The $50,000 Android Phone

Monday, June 7, 2010

The $50,000 Android Phone

The ,000 Android PhoneThink the HTC EVO 4G is pricey? Wait until you hear that the Ulysse Nardin Chairman phone doesn't even run Froyo—instead favoring 2.1. CrunchGear got busy with a camcorder, discovering your $50k will also buy you a dock.

The dock is unlike one we've ever seen before, with polished wood panels, speakers and even USB ports. It's a work of art. But $50,000? I'd be wanting more than 32GB of internal storage, and a better camera than the 8MP one included. I'd want a freakin' optical lens, at the very least.

The kinetically-powered phone is also covered in diamonds. Naturally. [Ulysse Nardin Chairman via CrunchGear]

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