Volvo S60 Transmission Problems

Thursday, June 5, 2014

- flush your fluid every 20-30k miles. Volvo manual says don't do it, which has been proven to be wrong. If you haven't ever flushed and you're at or less than 60k, then flush now.
- use Mobil 3309 or Dexron IV for all s60s, takes anywhere from 8-10qts ( ~$50+shipping is best deal)
- use the radiator flush method not the drain pan drop method

- if you have more than 60k miles and you're asking if you should flush, you need to. But instead of using the radiator method, remove the drain plug on the bottom of tranny (19mm if I remember, and brass-colored) and that will drain about 4qts of the fluid. Fill up to correct marking
- if you don't flush your fluid ever, you're not "gambling" if your transmission will fail. You guarantee it. What's a gamble is if it happens today, tomorrow, or 6 years from now. 

- ALWAYS get the software updates. It's silly to say that you think the dealership is trying to screw you out of your warranty. one of the main reasons the tranny was so faulty was the many software issues the TCU had

If your transmission still flutters after doing all this there are 2 more known issues with the 2001-2004 transmissions:
1) B4 servo cover: this will cause flares shifting in/out of 3rd gear. It is a very simple, cheap fix. It's literally a cover with some o-rings that has been redesigned many many times. has it for sale under s60/transmission/b4 servo
2) valve body solenoids: you basically have to remove the existing ones, clean it out, and replace with new ones. There's no fix for this. It comes down to the fact that some of the workings of the automatic transmission before MY2004 were sized too small, and clog up too easily (so flush your fluid frequently!)

My recommendations:
- do the b4 servo even if you don't need it if you have a MY2001-2004 s60
- flush your fluid every 15k with mobil 3309
- get a transmission cooler (quick, easy, cheap install)
- get a transmission temperature gauge (easy) and monitor your temperatures
- get the latest software


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