Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another beautiful.. tiring day.. has just went by. Just did Project Management final exam today.. it was da bomb! questions were really hard to cope with. When everyone went out of the class after the exam,, people went frenzy for 15 minutes, they were complaining on how difficult and silly the exam was. Well, in my case, i was already too worn out to whine and wag. I had plenty of other things to deal with such preparing and getting headaches  with leaving for Australia. Starting a new life in a new continent does give you plenty of headache, i mean it! It is just hard to get peaceful and tranquil rest these days, there are just so many stuff to do.

For starters, taking care of Murdoch university application, visa application, getting airplane tickets, finding accomodation, etc. I know what you guys are thinking,  it is my fault that I am late in preparing. Well, I didn't have an option. Due to complicated situations at home, I had to wait till I Have money to pay my tuition and living cost. I almost aborted my departure last month due to financial uncertainity. So, enough from my personal life now. I just surfed the net and found this video on youtube:

Four Chords = hit song.

this video shows the power of four music chords ( i dont know what chords!)  which is commonly found on famous music hits. These guys called axis of awesome really made a nice video here.
Hope you enjoy too, it is really amazing!

Btw, if any of you guys are interested in hoodies, check out this one:

See more details on :

Last but not least, my pick of the day: Jackson Pollock, a very talented american artist who was born 28 January 1912 in Cody Wyoming who  died August 11, 1956. With a unique technique and artworks Pollock succeeded in grabbing attention of artists around the world and was a very influental painter in the abstract art field [Abstract expressionism]. Recently, his painting was used on the google logo if you noticed :

and for his other original artwork:

As you can see those original paintings are very artistic.
Now even you can paint like that easily on this website:

look at my creation:

hehehe quite messed up, hope you like it.

okay that wraps up the post of the day.

have a nice day ;)


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