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Monday, March 16, 2009

Study Break this week!

From my point of view, study break is the opportunity to actually sit down and study and catchup with projects/assignments. While at the same time, I could do lots of refreshing.

So, i have some pictures from this week's adventures:

London style  street:
Hays street area

If you guys like daft punk,, there's this cool flash website where you can play around with it making a daft punk style song:

Btw, for all you game programmers out there, these might be useful if you get a coder's block:

Dealing with Coder's Block: A Guide To Getting Back Into Your Project

By: Joel Longanecker

Evil Hamster Games 2K3 

Okay, everyone that has ever worked on a game or application in any language knows what coder's block is. It is not easy to deal with. Getting paid to work on the project is an excellent motivator, however, this is most likely not going to happen. I am going to share with you some of the ways I deal with it. 

Playing similar games of the same genre help. If I am working on a Bomberman clone, I play Bomberman; super Bomberman, and some other top-down puzzle games. Same thing goes if I am trying to create an RPG. I will sit down and play Megaman Battle Network until my head hurts. I think this helps because you will understand more about what you are trying to do. You might consider things you wouldn't have thought of otherwise. 

Draw out screen shots. As dumb as it might sound, visualization it a big part of getting your self motivated. Draw out the characters and color them. You can always work on other parts of the game then the code. If I am designing a FPS, it might help to see what the enemy looks like dead. 

Talk about it. Get on a forum or MSN and tell your friends about it. If you can get them interested, you can get your self interested too. 

Get some fresh air. Just walk away from the computer for a week or so, but just make sure to leave some indication of where you stopped. 

I hoped this helped. Now stop reading this and get to work! 

G'day mates! :P


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