Is bad luck real? or God is just testing me

Monday, March 9, 2009

what a week.. what a week.. what a week!

A series of unfortunate events that test my patience and sencerity has been occuring quite often these days. I prefer not to get emotional, but it really is getting on my nerves with all these pressures. 
Anyway, enough about my complaining, heheheh

Last friday I attended a MITS (Murdoch IT Student Society) , and my network cable wasn't long enough.. so I didn't play any games there,, but I did copied some useful content from other guys..
such as the TV series "Reaper" which has a very nice plot and story

Anyway, some scientist was able to create a "programmable matter", which is quite scary for me,, coz it feels like the "future" is here:

It's been a while since they've created a combat flight sim, and soon, the world is about to see a really cool one, H.A.W.X.

I've recently updated the looks of my blog.. Does anyone like it? if you do or do not, please comment ;)

I've recently download the new Safari for windows, which pretty much looks like Google chrome, but a bit slower in terms of performance, yet it looks much cooler than any other browsers released out there. 

I also have installed the newest version of skype, which is version 4. I should agree, it is AWESOME! The quality of the sound was greatly improved, the user interface was totally revamped to suit ease of use, and finally we can chat on the same window where you talk.. 
Where in the old version the window for chatting and talking was different.. very annoying and space consuming for busy people like me :P 

Yesterday, I've tried to install Star Wars KOTOR (Knight of the old republic) on my vista laptop,, which didn't work! quite a waste of time. So I ended up playing around with race driver grid, which has very hard car handling, so I removed both of those games from my laptop and continued with my studies.

To finish today's post, I would like to recommend to you guys to see these 3 sites:

1. A friend's blog about a very interesting conspiracy which involves the entire humanity, the truth of civilization. :

2. A very funny and interesting game i'm waiting for scheduled to be released this April:

3. An interesting story that moved me recently and lifted me up a bit to be a better person:


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