Enrollment confirmed, Still waiting for VISA!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sorry didn't have time to write a new post yesterday.

I was on the road all day, morning I had an Advanced Game Development Exam, which turned out okay, then I went to my Highschool to attend an alumni dialog session, after that I popped in to my gf's house and watched Yes Man! Yes Man was a really entertaining movie, I really recommend this one! 

Then after that I went to a VCOI(volvo club of indonesia) new forum member who lived nearby my house in Bali View (around 15 mins) to get a VADIS (Volvo After Sales Diagnostics and Information System) DVD. Which I think might be useful in the future. I intended to stay for a short while, but I ended up having a very long chat untill almost midnight. Then returned back home because I was starting to feel worn out and exhausted.

Today I woke up early because I had to accompany and help my mom in making a taxpayers ID card in Serpong. So far away.. that's why we had to leave 7 am from home.

Traffic jams sucks.

Once we reached there, we were quite pleased that the registration was quite fast and simple. Maybe because we came early. The early bird gets most of the worms.

Then we rushed back home because I needed to go to take a dump, but the road was still suffering with plenty of rush hour traffic jams... what a trial...

After reaching home, I felt really relieved..

Not along after that, I immediately went out again to go to my highschool Alizhar to say goodbye to my teachers and try to sell some Binus International registration forms. Although I ended up coming home with an empty hand, but i managed to have a heart filled up with inner satisfaction.

Reaching home I immediately jumped on my bed to take make up the lack of sleep I lost for 2 days. My cellphone ringing woke me up, which turns out to be the Binus Student Services who notifies that the CoE (confirmation of enrollment) has arrived from Murdoch Univ and she has forwarded it to me. I immediately hopped out of the bed and checked my email. The next thing I had to do was activate my murdoch student online account, which failed because the system didn't recognize my ID number... what a pain in the groin!

Btw, a few days a mail containing free stickers I ordered from http://www.shell.com/motorsport
just arrived after 3 weeks of waiting. Check out the pics:


Well, i've got to resume my studying now. Tomorrow i've got the hardest subject: Artificial Intelligence..

In the mean time, check out my junior high art teacher blog:

Goodluck to everyone!

bonus from kaskus:
I've got something to make you all drooling:

1. In-N-Out Burger
Spoiler for In-N-Out 

2. Five Guy's Burger
Spoiler for Five Guy's

3. Burger King's Whopper
Spoiler for Whopper

4. McDonald's BigMac
Spoiler for BigMac

5. Fuddruckers' Burger
Spoiler for Fuddruckers

6. White Castle's Slider
Spoiler for slider

7. Wolfgang Puck's Cheeseburger
Spoiler for Wolfgang Puck's

fine dinning.. 

8. Wendy's Double Cheeseburger Double Stack
Spoiler for Double Stack

9. Krystal Burgers
Spoiler for Krystal's

mirip slider white castle yah..?

10. Fat Mo's in Nashville
Spoiler for paling mantep nih gan..jamin puas!!

gimana muat tuh dimulut?? 


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