Sunday morning rain is falling

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday morning rain is falling(literally!)

Woke up today with the rain still falling, and my heart still raining.
After a night full of concentration, studying for my final exams until 1.30 am. 

List of things completed today:

- Eating
- Studying
- Studying at friends place
- Doing NPWP registration for my mom, which is very complicated, and ended giving up for now, needs assistance.
- Sitting in front of laptop making money little by little
- Writing this blog

Counting down the days till I depart from this city, there are many things I'm gonna miss:

1. The Love (parents, girlfriend, family)
2. The Spice (awesome food, friends, and events)
3. The Passion (crazy places, experiences and stuff you can do)
4. The Fortune (everything is cheaper here)

On the other hand, I gonna be glad that I will avoid these stuff:

1. The Traffic (streets, overcrowded places, chaos)
2. The Dirt (lack of hygiene in various things)
3. The Pollution (everything that is polluted around us)

Well that's all from my personal part.

Here are some of today's picks:

Transformers 2 Teaser:

Okay, this is wrong:

Who wouldn't want this watch:

No, it would not play the game on the watch, but it is really cool though.

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